Far-flung Tin Can is forming an intersection of two diverse worlds – the mission field and the Christian home.

Many have a heart for missions but can’t get to the mission field directly. Often, writing a check to someone who comes to your church once a year doesn’t satisfy your passion for missions. Ministry is relationship; relationship with Jesus and relationship with those on Earth. We are providing a direct line from our homes into the mission field, essentially a far-flung tin can that reaches the corners of the Earth.

Far-Flung Tin Can is creating impactful partnerships with couples and teams globally to help expand their work. By providing storytelling and funding to their missions, you can watch their daily life and see their progress along with donating to their work. Blogs provide insight into the character, values, goals and passions of each of the missionaries we support. You can provide encouraging words, questions from you and your family, and even sponsor their cause directly from their page. Far-flung wants you to find missionaries that you believe and use this website as an outlet to dive into the missions field while living continuing your daily responsibilities.

Help Us Continue Our Mission

Far-Flung supports missionaries by documenting through video and other various mediums their work across the globe. As our team grows, so do our expenses. We need partners like you to help us change the world.
If you would like to contribute directly to Far Flung Tin Can, you can do so by clicking on the PayPal-powered donate link below.

Your donation will go directly to fulfilling our goal of documenting the great work that our missionaries provide communities all over the world.

Meet the Team:

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Kyle Philippi

Executive Director

Kyle is a 30-year-old film producer who studied Telecommunications at Lee University. Kyle’s interest in video has driven him since he was very young and he now is able to incorporate into a ministry. Kyle grew up in Mansfield, OH where he attended Journey life Center, the church his parents are currently pastors of for the past 35 years. He loves writing, video, live entertainment, music and anything involving exploring Sociology. Kyle and his wife, Marion and their daughter, Isabella live in Chattanooga, TN where Far-Flung Tin Can is currently based.

Kyle started developing Far-Flung Tin Can since February 2009, at the age of 22. During his time with FFTC, he’s executive produced 5 motion pictures (PAN DE VIDA: The Maiden Voyage, PAN DE VIDA: Loving the Unknown, REDEMPTION URUGUAY: Digging Wells, REDEMPTION GUATEMALA: Constructing a Family, and RESCUE: The Unwanted Treasure), 4 music albums (No Turning Back, PAN DE VIDA: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Christmas is Thanksgiving, and RESCUE: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). He also produced a 24 installment Web Series (PAN DE VIDA: Webisodes). His journey in missions has taken him to exciting new places and it’s only just beginning.

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Dr. Jordan Halsey, MD

Medical Consultant

Jordan Halsey graduated from Lee University with a degree in Biochemistry and from the
University of Tennessee with a Doctorate in Medicine. She is now completing her plastic
surgery residency at Rutgers University in the NYC area.
Jordan has always felt called to
medical missions and has traveled on several medical missions trips to Central and South
America prior to completing her medical training. She is excited about working with
Kyle Philippi and Far Flung Tin Can and is hoping to expand the medical missions
component of the organization. In the future she hopes to complete a craniofacial and
hand/peripheral nerve fellowship so that she can travel all over the world performing
reconstructive surgery. Christ is at the center of her passion for medicine and she in
honored that she has the ability to serve the Lord and work with such a dynamic and
passionate group of people.

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Chris Barker

Chief Operations Officer

Chris Barker graduated from Lee University with a Bible &Theology Degree. Chris
volunteers at Redemption Point Church in Ooltewah, Tn in the youth and missions
department. Chris’s passion is simply to serve others any way he can. It has become
his passion and lifestyle. Chris is married to Lacey Barker, who is also affiliated with
RPC in the music department. They both enjoy mission’s work and have developed
a heart for orphans. In the future, Chris and Lacey plan to open up a string of their
own orphanages throughout the world.

Chris went to Lee with Kyle Philippi at Lee University and has watched Farflung Tin
Can grow from a distance. In mid 2014, Chris began working with Kyle Philippi
again as he returned to the Chattanooga area.

Chris enjoys music, reading, muscle cars, and ANYTHING Lord of The Rings.

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Delilah Copado

Chief Development Officer

Delilah Copado graduated from Lee University with a degree in Intercultural studies. Originally from Florida, she has spent the last decade in Tennessee and has been a part of Far-Flung from it’s early beginnings. From donor relations, to trip coordinating, Dee has got it covered. If you want to get more plugged into the work that we are doing, contact Delilah to start!

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Arkileus Hines


Arkileus Hines graduated from Lee University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business and Healthcare Administration. He has worked with many businesses such as; Life Care of Athens, Signature Health Systems, and Century Park. Arkileus also has many entrepreneurial successes that has set him apart and many hours of strategic planning, finance, and accounting. He is married and has one child. He also looks forward to working with Far Flung and Sacra. Some of his passions includes bookkeeping, traveling, praise and worship, and spending time with friends and family.

I am honored to have this opportunity to work with far-flung. Each one of them are filled with talent and have exuberant personalities. The heavens will explode with happiness, knowing that God almighty has warriors doing his works.

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Caitlin Land

Student Connections Cooridinator

Building connections and opportunities with High-School and College students across the US, Caitlin oversees all areas pertaining FFTC and Educational Institutes.
If you’d like Far-Flung to come to your school for a movie viewing, concert or speaking engagement; Mr. and Mrs. Land is your helpful contact!

When I was nine years old I saw some pictures that were taken in China and it changed my life forever. It was like my soul had been branded and I couldn’t shake the need I felt to go.
After begging my parents for three years to take me, I finally got to see China and that’s when I found out that I was not born to live for the American dream. I was born to be a missionary. From 6th to 12th grade I was in Mexico every summer and in Chile studying Spanish and it didn’t take much cross-cultural ministry for me to know that it was all I wanted to do. I started at Lee University in 2008 as an Intercultural Studies major, joined Campus Choir, and returned to Chile to study Spanish. The spark the Lord started in me in China at 13 was fanned into flame at Lee and culminated in my final year when I led a team of seven to Siem Reap, Cambodia where we lived and worked for ten weeks. And here I was back in Asia…..My heart breaking all over the place, brokenness all over our team, desperation for God to heal a nation.
From China to Mexico to Chile to Cambodia, my heart has never grown tired of cross-cultural ministry and it continues to be the one thing that makes me feel at home.

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Brianna Arnold

Field Agency Director

Brianna was the first of Far-Flung Tin Can’s “Field Agents”. Being sent to Pan De Vida for seven months in 2013 to help/document the work of this feeding ministry as a representative of FFTC. Now, she oversee’s and trains all happenings in the Field Agency department. Anyone college graduate looking for some missionary experience can apply through this office for the opportunity to become a 6-9 month active “FFTC Field Agent” at one of our global locations.

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Jonathan Etienne

FFTC Commodore

I rise every morning with a manner that acknowledges the integrity of honesty. I know deep down in the DNA of the culture we, no matter how much we deny, we want to be, give, and receive hands of Love. It is easy to choose to be selfish and only take care of yourself. This is self-centered. So to totally deny egocentric cravings of self preservation one must choose to deny his and her selfishness and this is where we step into the excellence of pure light. I want to choose to be and give hands of Love. I choose to follow the Lord of Love, Jesus the Anointed One. My name is Jonathan Ernstly Etienne, and I follow Faith. I follow Hope. I follow Love. I’ll follow Him to the ‘far-flung’ corners of this earth. I am ready. I am ready to ‘GO’.