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After Africa

Well, we’re back from our most recent filming in Mozambique. These trips are always the tentpole of our ministry. We actually don’t take a lot of these certain trips where our main focus is shooting a new film. Our last one, in February 2015 was “TOGETHER: CHAPTER ONE” in Guatemala. Before that, was “RESCUE” filmed in southern India in 2013. These particular documentary adventures come around about every year and half and they are my favorite part of what I do.

As the Director of FFTC, I spend a lot of my time doing jobs that I’m figuring out. I’m a videographer and story-teller turned non-profit leader. So, the few times I get to jump into what I feel most naturally confident in, are thrilling. It’s funny how God gives you a gift and using that gift is comforting. It’s easy. Then he throws in the uncomfortable. The stuff that requires me to lean on Him because I feel like an idiot in those areas he puts me in. If it was just editing video, I’d be set. Wouldn’t need much prayer because I feel comfortable in that realm. But no, he’s given me a gift and then additional calling that stretches me beyond what I know. It really feels kindle like a jerk move to give you something comforting to work with and then throw in more that makes you uncomfortable again. But that’s the place you find humility, questioning, fear, encouragement, worry, anxiety, victory, strength and new vision. I’m curious to know if I’m the only one he does this to.

We’re in the editing stage now. We’ve also got some giant, shifting, news to share in the near future. It’s going to be an exciting summer for Far-Flung and those wanting to be more apart. The footage we shot in Mozambique about our newest Far-Flung member, Celia Mendes is breath-taking. Her work at Iris Ministries and in the village of Gumbane is inspiring. The film is set to release at the end of September on DVD and digital download but we’re itching to release footage of her work.The people and scenery in Mozambique is beautiful.. are beautiful… one of the two.

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