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Sacra Cafe and Mai Thai Coffee

We opened Sacra Coffee Cafe below our Chattanooga, TN offices in January, 2015. The goal being to have a business that can help support the work of missions. It’s been a great outlet to share the work of Far-Flung and also bring along support. People know that when they purchase our coffee, the proceeds are helping fuel the work FFTC is doing around the world. We’re proud to say that it has gone several steps deeper.

Sacra is now partnered with Mai Thai Coffee. Our drip coffee beans are purchased from them and they have a great story behind their business. Mai Thai works closely with Living Word Ministries in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are teaching farmers to grow the beans and the sale of their coffee helps support Living Word’s orphanages. Over 1000 children have been affected from the support of Mai Thai coffee. So when you purchase coffee as Sacra, you are contributing to the work of Missions all over the world.

Far-Flung is filming it’s 8th feature film in Thailand about the work of Living Water Ministries International in January, 2017.

Sacra is located at
801 S. Orchard Knob ave
Chattanooga, TN 37404

Stop in and see us!