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TOGETHER: Chapter One

Back in 2009, in the early vision stage of Far-Flung Tin Can, the “Together Projects” was jotted down on a notepad. Originally set to be something ten years down the road, this dream found itself happening in just a few short months. In February, 2015 the first chapter of Far-Flung’s biggest project to date was captured in Guatemala.

Thus far, Far-Flung films have consisted of stand-alone films featuring missionaries and ministries along with a handful of Far-Flung crew. “The Together Project,” however, brought everyone from Far-Flung’s five recent films into one central location.

Missionaries from Ecuador, Guatemala, Uruguay, Brazil, and India came together along with twenty-five members of Far-Flung. For one week, Gospel-spreaders from all over the globe met together to encourage, bond, and create a connection that fueled each other’s ministries which set a mark for years to come.

While documenting these new connections being made, this film incorporated clips from the past fifteen years to show how all of Far-Flung members came together. During the week, the team of forty worked on (a two day children’s project and a two day outreach.) Even though five languages were represented, every heart of each Far-Flung member reached out to the children, ministers, and those who were hurting. Because of this, the team accomplished many amazing things.

Following “No Turning Back” (recorded in 2011), Far-Flung also recorded its latest worship album live in the courtyard of the “Redemption Guatemala” film’s orphanage. The companion DVD features longer cuts of the songs (including some songs in other languages) and dialogue from the Far-Flung team about the heart and vision of the album.

The week will also consisted of a three-day conference in Xela, Guatemala. During the conference services, Far-Flung lead worship in Guatemala’s native language, Spanish, and Pastors Deven Wallace (from America) as well as Pastor Mendoza (from Brazil) ministered through preaching to the congregation with Guatemalan interpreters.

Throughout this film, our hope was for our friends on the field to gain a sense of community from us – that they would know they are not alone in the journey of missions. There will be a global network that they can lean to when they are in need. This film will brought Far-Flung into a new stage in this ministry’s goal. In the next few years, we will have new projects and re-visit and grow our existing projects. In three to four years we will have “Together: Chapter Two” in a new location with even more Far-Flungers joining the mission to spread God’s love around this world.