Pan De Vida is a feeding ministry for 300 children in a poor neighborhood in a city of 4 million. Fly with us to meet them all! We’ll be working on repairs and improvements on the building, feeding kids, leading a VBS, climbing mountains, visiting the equator and much much more!

We are offering two trips this year.

First timers trip: July

This is a trip for those who have never been to Pan De Vida with Far-Flung! It’s an incredible time getting to know the staff and children in Atucucho. The trip also includes fun adventures at the Equator, open market shopping, seeing a massive crater and standing 14,000 feet in the air on a mountain looking over the city!


Returners trip: July

This trip is for those who have been to Pan De Vida and can’t stay away! We will be doing work on the building and working with the kids like previous trip but adding a trip into the jungle for some unique experiences with the staff of Pan De Vida!