New York Tour

The Far-Flung team just got back from a five day tour to New York!


While we were there, we assisted HopeNYC with their annual Christmas Parade. This parade has been going on for four years and started out as a dream from the Lord in Pastor Sharo’s heart as a unique way to reach out to their community in Queens. The parade is the only parade in the city of Queens and it is such an amazing production and labor of love from the members and staff at HopeNYC. The parade is a huge way to reach out to the community and show the love of God to the people of the city. The floats, the costumes, the music, the choir, the dancers, and the tree lighting all went off without a hitch! The people of HopeNYC were so cheerful and happy to be walking the streets of their community and loving on them in such a spectacular way. It was so much fun helping paint, hot glue, clean up, and just assist the incredible people of HopeNYC and to announce the love of God to the city of Queens.


We made our way to Brooklyn on Friday and sang at a block party for Purpose Life Church. This was our second time being with Purpose Life and it was so much fun to be back! Far-Flung got to be there for their Christmas block party where they light the star on top of the church to celebrate the start of the Christmas season. The community in Brooklyn and the people of Purpose Life are second to none. It was such an awesome experience to lead worship at the block party and ring in the start of the holiday season with this church and this community.


We rounded out the tour with two services on Sunday morning at Solid Rock church. We saw the Lord move in incredible ways and had an amazing time with this church. There is nothing like pursuing God with a company of believers who are ready to experience Him fully. We are so thankful for this church, their staff, and the people there who are always so warm and welcoming.


We can’t wait to be back in New York again!


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