The operation of Far-Flung Tin Can requires us to pull the globe closer to our potential supporters. We want you to be able to support our missionaries financially and know how that gift is making a difference. FFTC needs more co-laborers that share our vision and can give us a sense of consistency to plan and budget for each year, to take on new projects, and to give more to our missionaries.


For $10 or more a month you can become an “Operator” of Far-Flung Tin Can. You would be essentially putting yourself on the field with us by helping those in need around the world. By becoming an Operator, you receive monthly update/planning letters. This update lets you know our ideas, testimonies, hiccups, pre-released news, and a heads up on our every move. You’ll be plugged into our Situation Room as we share the Gospel around every corner of the Earth. You’ll be getting personal videos from us as we travel the globe! We don’t want you to just give financially. We want you to become a part of the work!

Partners bringing $10, $20, $50, $100 or more will accelerate the growth of FFTC. Automatic monthly payments are available for convenience, if you’d like to use this feature. Join us, hand in hand, as we take this world for Christ.


We are continuing to partner with churches around the USA and your congregation may want to be a part. We are filling a gap in missions for all different types of churches. Connecting your congregation to missions projects, planning church trips, and keeping church members engaged are all areas we specialize in. Our missions representatives would love to let you know all the ways we can keep your church family active in the harvest field!

Our Missions Reps…
  • Keep you updated through monthly videos
  • Attend special events and connect with members
  • Create custom Missions trips to our Missionary sites through “Far-Flung Air”
  • Help create fund raising opportunities for projects and trips
  • Give monthly breakdowns on how your giving is effecting Missions
  • Have the Far-Flung team come once a year for a Missions service with worship, videos and speaking

Outsourcing Missions coordinating for your congregation to the people who spend their life doing it is a kingdom partnership. We want to continue running our missions race and partner with churches to run with us. We are representing the missions leadership for your church. Removing a missions “department” allows church staff to lead the congregation and allows those who work full-time in Missions to create ways for each department to be Missional.

It’s no longer the missions represented at the church, it’s the church represented on the mission field.

To find out more about your church partnering with us, email