Consider this your invitation to an adventure of a lifetime.

Innovating the missions experience

We create innovative relationships between the mission-field and the home-front to give everyone access to the redemptive work of Jesus around the world.



we are people first, not places first

Celia Mendes Gumbani Village, Mozambique, Africa.

Celia Mendes is as fearless as a lion, with the heart of the Father.  She is putting reality to the dreams God has placed in her heart. Feeding, preaching, building, discipling Celia is seeing God do a great work.

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Let's Go!

Reimagining what it means to “GO” into all the world.

We invite you to “Go” with us and the way we define “Go” is what makes our work different.

Fully Immersive

The amazing story of God’s redemptive work across the globe is constantly unfolding and we want to put you right in the middle of it! Experience what God is doing, through our films and by traveling with us, and get involved in the advancement of the Kingdom!

Deeply Authentic

There are no stunt doubles and the adventure is completely unscripted. We are following the leading of the Spirit into wild places and we’ve discovered that’s more than enough. No makeup? No problem.

Innately Creative

We are a group of creatives that have found a home on the mission field. Far-Flung is what happens when storytellers, writers, psalmists, entrepreneurs, and designers come together for the greater good.

Always Transformative

We take light to the darkness and hope to the hopeless. And we won’t stop until the Kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our God.

We are Kingdom, not company

Partner with Far Flung

joy is the rhythm

Take a risk

Anthems that inspire God’s people to go and take worship where it is needed most.

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out in the unknown

We serve a Go God, through his spirit he is always on the move. Take a moment to see where he has taken us so far and what He continues to do all over the world.

innately creative

adventures with far-flung

Encouraging the next generation to be missions-minded.

Awakening the missionary in our children.

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300 miles north of the Arctic Circle small inuit whaling communities seek God’s face while spreading the Gospel in one of the harshest environments on the planet.


Taking the Gospel to the bush of Africa while feeding the hungry and providing clean drinking water to remote areas.


Evangelistic outreaches, discipleship, and humanitarian relief out on the floating islands and to the peak of the mountain.


Feeding and helping the poor and vulnerable of this drug infested region, they share the gospel and spread hope.


This team does it all caring for orphans and refugees, planting churches, operating a bible school, and developing economic sustainability throughout Thailand.


Planting churches, bringing medical service teams, and reaching the unreached people of the Amazon.