border crossings

We are called to go. Out of our comfort zone and into His adventure-filled world. We are continually searching the Earth for the next missionary for partnership. Mountains, deserts, tundras, islands and savannas will all be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God.



out in the unknown

We serve a Go God, through his spirit he is always on the move. Take a moment to see where he has taken us so far and what He continues to do all over the world.

trip spotlight

The Peruvian floating islands is a surreal experience. Tribes that have lived on these man-made reed islands for thousands of years have welcomed us into their community. We spend a week island hopping, evangelizing and disciplining the growing church of new believers.

the secret sauce of every trip

We like to say that we advertise a mission trip and then plan a retreat. It’s a week to get away from our own world and be alone with our heavenly Father. Hear His voice, be His hands and feet to those with great need and encourage our team members so they can live greatly when they return home.


This is not the youtube experience, this is the actual experience.  Feel the dirt road under your boots, see the faces of kids first hand, hear the sound of people celebrating fresh drinking water.


We aren’t filtering your experiencing, on a hot day your gonna sweat.  We encourage you to meet the people, learn their names, let them in your hearts.  We have!


Everybody brings something to the table.  We are excited about the creative way God has gifted you and what sort of impact that will have in missions.


We find that God meets you in these unique places where finally gets your attention.  It’s not the trip that changes you, it’s God that is transforming you. We just keep seeing it happen on trips. 

live in the amazon

Sailing 500 miles down river gives you ample time for worship and that what 53 of us did our way to evangelize to new villages! Featuring Janie Evans Stewart

A photo from an airplane flying

Go with us

You can give to far-flung by going on a trip. We need others to come along side our work in the most far-flung places on Earth.
Photo of Children for Give

Give (Go by giving)

Not everyone can travel, but you can become a “Go-Giver” by sending us out! Partner with us in missions by support the work.
Location Highlight - Amazon

Location Highlight: Amazon

The Amazon is such an unreal place! 500 miles in, are several villages that Far-Flung loves and have committed ourselves to support. Come be apart!


300 miles north of the Arctic Circle small inuit whaling communities seek God’s face while spreading the Gospel in one of the harshest environments on the planet.


Taking the Gospel to the bush of Africa while feeding the hungry and providing clean drinking water to remote areas.


Evangelistic outreaches, discipleship, and humanitarian relief out on the floating islands and to the peak of the mountain.


Feeding and helping the poor and vulnerable of this drug infested region, they share the gospel and spread hope.


This team does it all caring for orphans and refugees, planting churches, operating a bible school, and developing economic sustainability throughout Thailand.


Planting churches, bringing medical service teams, and reaching the unreached people of the Amazon.