One of the coldest places on the planet that people call home. The sun doesn’t set half the year and then doesn’t rise for the other half.  People ask us, “why do we go” and the answer is “the people”.  We love the people of the northern slope and the harsh conditions make for some of the toughest people we have ever met.





meet missionary David and Tina Matthews

David and Tina Matthews have Pastored “New Beginnings Church” in Barrow, Alaska for many years now. Barrow is the main hub for all the villages in The North Slope. They Pastor the people of Barrow but also travel by ice road and small planes to all seven villages to minister to the youth of the Arctic. Their hearts are to bring the love of God to those families who live in such isolation.

project highlight

We’ve all been to a concert before… Maybe not one like this. On our trip, we travel over 70 miles by ice road to remote villages to put on a community concert. Families form across the village join us in the school gym to sing, dance, hear testimonies and receive prayer. It’s a unique and beautiful time as we sing about the Joy the Lord brings to people who need hope. It’s a surreal experience being so far into the Arctic tundra; one you won’t ever forget.

let's go!

Travel by ice road across North Slope to proclaim Jesus through concert, conference and home visits.

Trip Location - Barrow, Alaska

Trip Cost - $2,400

trip at a glance

On this project, we travel 350 miles North of the Arctic Circle as a starting place of the adventure. We’ll setup a base in Barrow and minister to the people there through conferences and services and then we hit the ice roads to the small Arctic villages. There’s lots of worship, discipleship, prayer… and also Northern Lights, polar bears, whales, frozen oceans and more caribou than you can count!
A photo from an airplane flying

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You can give to far-flung by going on a trip. We need others to come along side our work in the most far-flung places on Earth.
Photo of Children for Give

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Not everyone can travel, but you can become a “Go-Giver” by sending us out! Partner with us in missions by support the work.
Location Highlight - Amazon

Location highlight: amazon

The Amazon is such an unreal place! 500 miles in, are several villages that Far-Flung loves and have committed ourselves to support. Come be apart!

You Send Us

As the team travelled by ice road to minister in remote villages, we used an FM transmitter to broadcast a loop to all 8 trucks. We recorded a fun worship video simultaneously in multiple vehicles deep into the tundra! Led by Mateo Copado

out in the unknown

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