expand your global gospel reach

You’re winning locally, let us help you win globally. When we say “win,” we mean more than a global sales division (cool if you have that). We mean to make an immediate and eternal difference in some of the most remote regions of the world.



this is your invitation

We’ve flipped the script at FFTC, creating a way for any organization from churches to businesses to add us “the innovative missions team” to provide a real global initiative to your overall effort at the click of a button.  Well… you click the button and we get busy with the content creation, long flights, layovers, and mosquito nets.


Ready to add a missions focus to your organization? Let’s embark on a missions journey together! This is our sweet spot! With FFTC, you get real people focused on connecting you to global projects. A unique plan for global success, personal access to international missions trips, innovative monthly updates that bring missions to life, project opportunities that match your heart and more are all part of the deal.


Already have a missions focus but want to expand? With FFTC you can continue to support your current missions while using our experience and tools to make the impact more effective. We are excited to offer you new and different opportunities as you continue your ongoing global missions efforts.


Do you operate a missions organization or lead a missions department and you want to share the workload? Tap into what we do and take the FFTC along with you to help AMPLIFY your missions by letting us work alongside to make you even more effective.

Furthering the kingdom

“You guys are more of a blessing to me than you really know. I always thought because I wasn’t using my time for missions and furthering the kingdom I wasn’t doing anything for His name. Now boom I can see my blessings become greater for the kingdom because of your guys’ work.”

partnership package

I know! I know! You aren’t concerned with what you get out of our partnership. I get it. That’s how generosity usually works, but we do want you to know about the things you can expect to receive as a part of the team.

It’s not something we can send you via FedEx, but when you partner you are adding a global impact to your life. Now your business, church, or family can see that global impact take shape.

If you partner as a church or business we customize monthly videos so your whole team can really get a personal sense of our partnership and impact.

Schedule a trip to Africa completely filled with members from your church or team. Let’s do it! We also encourage you to offer the annual Far Flung Air trips to your teams as well.

Have your children’s pastor or teachers connect with our team so we can have our team get them special access to our content for their own use.

We love getting your teams outfitted with Far Flung merch.  We can also get a canvas or print of images from the field to be displayed in your office or lobby.  Reach out and let’s make it happen.

We have artists, musicians, designers, tech specialists, writers, photographers (really the list could go on and on)  If you find yourself needing a piano player or videographer for the weekend or if you’re looking to connect with one of our designers to help with branding.  We love generosity to flow both ways.  We will always choose to serve whenever possible.  If we can’t help we probably know someone who can.

Picture of people leading worship

individual partnerships

Become a “go-giver” and help send us out into the far-flung places in this world that are waiting to hear the Gospel.
A photo from an airplane flying


It’s one thing to see the videos, and it’s a whole other to experience a trip. We’re inviting you I to the adventure to help others worldwide.
Picture of people worshipping on stage


Worship in everything. It’s a part of our culture to worship the One who created us.


300 miles north of the Arctic Circle small inuit whaling communities seek God’s face while spreading the Gospel in one of the harshest environments on the planet.


Taking the Gospel to the bush of Africa while feeding the hungry and providing clean drinking water to remote areas.


Evangelistic outreaches, discipleship, and humanitarian relief out on the floating islands and to the peak of the mountain.


Feeding and helping the poor and vulnerable of this drug infested region, they share the gospel and spread hope.


This team does it all caring for orphans and refugees, planting churches, operating a bible school, and developing economic sustainability throughout Thailand.


Planting churches, bringing medical service teams, and reaching the unreached people of the Amazon.