Man-made floating islands inhabited by tribes living on them for thousands of years. It’s 12,000 feet in elevation on the worlds largest navigable lake. The beautiful families are newly saved and being discipled. Island hop with us as we share the Gospel and encourage the local church. The trip ends with an optional summit to the highest city on Earth for some radical prayer and evangelizing.





meet pastors leo & fransisco

Pastor Leo and Pastor Fransico led us the floating islands because of their heart for the people. We’ve seen such change in their hearts and lives as these leaders and their teams have poured into the Uros region. 

project highlight

If the Floating islands we’re not remote enough, there’s even more remote islands that have not heard the gospel. We try to visit a few of these islands on the trip, bring food and supplies and encouraging message about Jesus! It’s a beautiful thing seeing God transform a family just from hearing the story of Redemption.

let's go!

Visit many floating islands while camping out on the highest navigable lake in the world. We will disciple the church while evangelizing to remote islands with soon-to-be new believers.

Trip Location - Puno, Peru

Trip Cost - $1,800

trip at a glance

If you like to camp out, this is you Far Flung trip. You’ll be living in tents for days on a floating island on a cold lake! And stay, we will wake up and visit islands and minister of the gospel. Will minister to children in a day program, encourage the local church body. There’s also time for some duck hunting, soccer, volleyball and swimming if you’re up for the cold! At the end of the week, we visit La Rinconada, a mining town at seven 17,000 feet in elevation. Although this portion of the trip is optional to participate in, it’s one of the most impactful as you minister to desperate people struggling with health problems, fear and financial woes. This is one of Far-Flung’s most eye-opening trips!

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go with us

You can give to far-flung by going on a trip. We need others to come along side our work in the most far-flung places on Earth.
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Give (Go by giving)

Not everyone can travel, but you can become a “Go-Giver” by sending us out! Partner with us in missions by support the work.
Location Highlight - Thailand

Location highlight: thailand

Ever wanted to see all of Northern Thailand? You will in one week as we work in orphanages, dedicate village churches, help remote communities, and ride an elephant or two.

You Go with Me

During a “Together Project”, we lived on a boat for 10 days. We recorded this song about how the Lord goes with us wherever we find ourselves. Led by Brian Lindsey.

out in the unknown

We serve a Go God, through his spirit he is always on the move. Take a moment to see where he has taken us so far and what He continues to do all over the world.


300 miles north of the Arctic Circle small inuit whaling communities seek God’s face while spreading the Gospel in one of the harshest environments on the planet.


Taking the Gospel to the bush of Africa while feeding the hungry and providing clean drinking water to remote areas.


Evangelistic outreaches, discipleship, and humanitarian relief out on the floating islands and to the peak of the mountain.


Feeding and helping the poor and vulnerable of this drug infested region, they share the gospel and spread hope.


This team does it all caring for orphans and refugees, planting churches, operating a bible school, and developing economic sustainability throughout Thailand.


Planting churches, bringing medical service teams, and reaching the unreached people of the Amazon.