500 miles into the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, lie villages along the river banks, Some of these villages, the Gospel spread and established growing churches and some are still waiting for the message of hope. They’re waiting for someone to bring it.





meet missionary Romildo

Romildo, a Brazilian Pastor has been leading this mission to evangelize this region of the Amazon. He’s been taking teams into villages and building relationships in the communities for years. Far-Flung has partnered alongside him and his team since 2017.

project highlight

Upstream Evangelism. Along with children’s ministries, food provisions, and medical care, we love to jump into the small boats and head up stream until the water dries up, hop out and find someone to bless. The stories are always surreal as God does something different with every family we meet.

let's go!

Travel 500 miles by river in the The Brazilian Amazon Rainforest to find villages waiting for medical, food, and the Word of God. Sleeping in hammocks on the boat and trekking the Amazon during the day will be a trip you will never forget.

Trip Location - The Amazon, Brazil

Trip Cost - $1,800

trip at a glance

We’ll fly into the the city of Manaus and sail deep into the Amazon jungle. There, we will work with a village that Far-Flung has grown to love. This trip is eight days long and 1,000 miles traveled by water! We’ll teach, provide medial attention and training, have services in other nearby villages, sometimes build, evangelize along the river, and jump into whatever adventure the lord leads us into.

A photo from an airplane flying

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Photo of Children for Give

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Location Highlight - Ecuador

Location highlight: ecuador

Far-Flung has been traveling to the Andes since 2011. We can’t get enough of ministering throughout the mountains of Ecuador. Come see why we keep returning year after year.

joy in your waters

We spent a week of ministering the Gospel to remote huts. Then we gave an opportunity for water baptisms before the end of the trip. It was beautiful to sing this song with Delilah Curtis and watch these baptisms take place.

out in the unknown

We serve a Go God, through his spirit he is always on the move. Take a moment to see where he has taken us so far and what He continues to do all over the world.


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